At Sydney Physio Group, we believe in getting you back to your full potential as quickly as possible. Our highly skilled and passionate physios will work with you to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.



Treatment is aimed to relieve your pain and restore function as quickly as possible. This can be through ‘hands on’ techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, postural correction, electrotherapy, dry needling and exercise therapy.

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Physiotherapists are increasingly using dry needling techniques (a fusion of traditional Eastern methods and Trigger Point therapy) to compliment manual therapies when treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

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Control of the deep abdominal muscles plays an integral part in the health of your back. Those with a history of lower back pain have been shown to have diminished strength and control in the muscles that stabilise the spine.

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We Have Extensive Experience

Whether your injuries are new or old, sport or non-sport related, we are here to assess, diagnose and treat your pain and injuries.
We believe in a holistic approach to treatment. That is, looking beyond the immediate symptoms to address the root cause of the problem and actively taking steps to prevent the issue returning.
Whether you’ve just hurt your knee playing football, woken with a stiff neck, or getting fed up with the niggle in your lower back, now is the time to come and see us!


Our physio team has a vast range of experiences and training to help you in a range of expert areas such as back and neck pain, women Health, pre/postnatal and pilates.


Alex has been treating locals for over ten years since graduating with a Masters degree from The University of Sydney. He started his career as a sports scientist.


Sarah’s special interest include group exercise, sports injuries and dry needling. Sarah has an extensive background in sport and exercise.

Brent Kelly
Brent KellyFreshwater Physiotherapist

Working with Elite level Rugby teams Brent has extensive experience in sports injuries and exercise prescription.

Brent has levels of expertise in:
– Sporting injuries
– Knees
– Shoulders

When he’s not fixing people you’ll find Brent surfing all the best waves!

Ava Loiskandl
Ava LoiskandlFreshwater Physiotherapist

Ava grew up in Canada participating in any sport she could get her hands on. Her extensive sport and exercise background eventually lead her down to Australia where she completed her Master of Physiotherapy.

Ava has extensive experience in:

  • Women’s Health
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Strength and Conditioning

When she’s not in the clinic, you’ll find Ava either out in the water or training up for her latest sporting goal.

Brianna Henderson
Brianna Henderson Freshwater Physiotherapist

Growing up on the coast, Brianna has an energetic and holistic approach to life. She understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and aims to have a positive impact on the community.

Brianna has a special interest in treating:

· Running injuries and kinematics
· Ankle injuries
· Sporting injuries / Return to sport progressions
· Women’s Health

Zara Nelson
Zara NelsonWaverton Physiotherapist

Having grown up playing elite tennis and having coached for 5 years, Zara has a keen interest in sports injuries and getting people back to their best.

Zara’s special interests are:
•Sporting injuries and rehabilitation
•Shoulder injuries
•Knee injuries

In her free time Zara enjoys going on walks, going to the beach and re-exploring Sydney.

Jessica Kingsford
Jessica KingsfordWaverton Physiotherapist

Jesica has extensive experience treating pregnancy/postnatal conditions. She has also worked in post-op rehabilitation, sporting
and adolescent injures on the North Shore.

Jess focuses on patients with:
– Pelvic issues
– Pre/Post natal
– Postural alignment

Jess is keen on experimenting in the kitchen (ask her about her latest recipe). On the weekends you’ll find Jess socialising with friends typically trying something new!

Pamela Wolfe
Pamela WolfeWaverton Physiotherapist

Pam grew up on the south coast of Ireland, playing competitive field hockey, running, and sailing from a young age. Pam trained and worked as a Physio in Ireland before being tempted by the sun and beautiful beaches of Sydney.

Pam believes in the use of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation to achieve this. Pam is also trained in Dry-Needling and uses this to treat a variety of conditions.

Pam has a special interest in treating:
⁃ Sports and running injuries
⁃ Hip pain
⁃ Shoulder Injuries

To keep active, Pam enjoys running, swimming, CrossFit, and seeing the beautiful sights of NSW

Sam Barnes
Sam BarnesNorth Ryde Physiotherapist

Sam grew up playing soccer, basketball and swimming. He was a swimming instructor for 5yrs. Having suffering multiple sporting injuries, he understands the importance of proper rehab.

Sam has extensive experience in:
– Sporting injuries
– Shoulders
– Neck Pain and Headaches

In his free time Sam enjoys Olympic weightlifting, playing basketball and the odd video game.

Scott Lyon
Scott LyonNorth Ryde Physiotherapist

Scott’s passion for Physiotherapy began while he was working as a CrossFit trainer, teaching members safe and functional movements, and promoting an active lifestyle. In order to pursue his passion, Scott packed up his belongings, left North Queensland and made his way to Sydney.

Scott has amazing abilities in:
– Fitness Training injuries
– Ankles
– Exercised based treatment

Scott can most often be found in the CrossFit gym, hiking along trails rarely travelled and volunteering with the State Emergency Service.

Elizabeth Rigg
Elizabeth RiggNorth Ryde Physiotherapist

Liz is an experienced Physio with a wealth of knowledge. Her warm and welcoming manner makes it hard to get to see Liz, but call us we might be able to squeeze you in….

Liz’s Special Interest areas are:
– Pre/ Post Natal
– Pelvic Floor
– Knee Injuries

Liz enjoys spending her free time playing with her daughter, who is extreeeemly cute!!

Cat Miller
Cat MillerNorth Ryde Physiotherapist

Growing up competing at Elite levels of running and following her fair share of injuries, Cat quickly developed an appreciation and interest in sporting injuries and rehabilitation.

Cat has a special interest in:
• Sports Injuries
• Ankle Biomechanics
• Knee Injuries

Cat is a bubbly and vibrant person who focuses on helping patients achieve their goals. With her friendly and approachable nature, Cat makes it a priority to build strong relationships with her patients and ensure their overall well-being.

Outside of work you can find Cat out finding the best new running routes, at the gym or spending time with family and friends.

James Cooper
James CooperNorth Ryde Physiotherapist

James has a passion for treating musculoskeletal conditions throughout the body, with a keen focus on bringing the best of both worlds: hands on treatment with effective movement.

James has an absolute passion for:
– Climbing injuries
– Shoulders
– Complex Necks

When not on the rock climbing wall, James can be found jogging around his local streets of North Ryde or reading in his hammock.

Mia Chippendale
Mia ChippendaleWaverton Front Office Staff

Mia is part of our front office team at Waverton who lives locally and works at the clinic between studying education. She is an avid netball player and enjoys spending time outdoors and with friends.

Louise Bonthrone
Louise BonthroneWaverton Front Office Staff

Louise is part of the Front Office Team at Waverton.

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