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At Sydney Physio Group, we believe in getting you back to your full potential as quickly as possible. Our highly skilled and passionate physios will work with you to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.


Treatment is aimed to relieve your pain and restore function as quickly as possible. This can be through ‘hands on’ techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, postural correction, electrotherapy, dry needling and exercise therapy.

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Physiotherapists are increasingly using dry needling techniques (a fusion of traditional Eastern methods and Trigger Point therapy) to compliment manual therapies when treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

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Control of the deep abdominal muscles plays an integral part in the health of your back. Those with a history of lower back pain have been shown to have diminished strength and control in the muscles that stabilise the spine.

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We Have Extensive Experience

Whether your injuries are new or old, sport or non-sport related, we are here to assess, diagnose and treat your pain and injuries.
We believe in a holistic approach to treatment. That is, looking beyond the immediate symptoms to address the root cause of the problem and actively taking steps to prevent the issue returning.
Whether you’ve just hurt your knee playing football, woken with a stiff neck, or getting fed up with the niggle in your lower back, now is the time to come and see us!


Our physio team has a vast range of experiences and training to help you in a range of expert areas such as back and neck pain, women Health, pre/postnatal and pilates.

Sarah Jarratt
Sarah JarrattDirector
Special interest: Group exercise, sports injuries and dry needling.Sarah has an extensive background in sport and exercise.
Alex Donald
Alex DonaldDirector
Alex has been treating locals for over 10 yrs since graduating with a Masters from The University of Sydney. Started his career as a sports scientist .
Lazarus Jovic
Lazarus JovicFreshwater Physiotherapist
Lazarus is a physiotherapist with an expertise in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, chronic conditions, post surgical rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.
Brent Kelly
Brent KellyFreshwater Physiotherapist
Brent has extensive experience in sports injuries and exercise prescription.
Charlotte Lawson
Charlotte LawsonFreshwater Practice Manager
Freshwater Practice Manager and patient concierge
Leticia Meagher
Leticia MeagherWaverton/Greenwich Physiotherapist
After playing a variety of sports growing up, Leticia has a keen interest in rehabilitation and injury-prevention. Leticia has completed a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology.
Jessica Kingsford
Jessica KingsfordWaverton Physiotherapist
has had
experience treating a varied caseload including workplace and postural conditions and
pregnancy/postnatal condition while working in the CBD. As well as post-op rehabilitation, sporting
and adolescent injures on the North Shore.
Tamlyn Edwards
Tamlyn EdwardsWaverton Physiotherapist
Jamie OBrien
Jamie OBrienWaverton/Greenwich/Freshwater
Ashley Saba
Ashley SabaNorth Ryde Physiotherapist
With a bubbly and out going personality, Ashley is passionate about the prevention of injuries as well as exercise-based rehabilitation to help you achieve your goals with physiotherapy.
Victoria Lee
Victoria LeeNorth Ryde Physiotherapist
Throughout the course of her studies she has also developed an interest in all things Women’s Health. Victoria is also passionate about getting people to return to sport and preventing the reoccurrence (or occurrence) of injuries.
Elizabeth Rigg
Elizabeth RiggNorth Ryde Physiotherapist
Elizabeth has developed a specialised interest in knee injuries and pain, rehabilitation resolving these injuries as well as preventing future injury.
Scott Lyon
Scott LyonNorth Ryde Physiotheraptist
Scott has completed an undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University and enjoys hiking and crossfit

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