One of the great pitfalls of modern offices is that they promote sedentary behaviour. We know that inactivity is detrimental to our health, but how are we meant to be more active in such a sedentary environment? Here are some simple ways to increase your physical activity at work…



  • If you are going up less than 2 floors, take the stairs instead of the lift.
  • When on long business calls, take your phone with you and go for a walk around.
  • Stand while reading long documents.
  • Instead of emailing a colleague, deliver the message in person!
  • Don’t eat lunch at your desk – take it outside and go for a short stroll.
  • Have a bottle of water on your desk to drink throughout the day – you will either need to get up and refill it, or go to the bathroom!
  • Schedule meetings away from the office – walk to the local coffee shop. Or even better, walking meetings!
  • Stretch for 2-3 minutes for every hour spent sitting. Every 20-30 minutes, stand up, march on the spot for 20 seconds, then sit back down again. This redistributes the pressure on your back.
  • Do some calf raises while waiting for the printer/photocopier/coffee machine.
  • Go to a lunch time fitness class at a local gym or play sport with work colleagues. There are a number of corporate team sport competitions around the CBD and North Sydney. If there isn’t one, why not get one started?
  • Encourage your company to purchase standing desks for employees.


Not only do these simple tips increase your amount of physical activity, they will also improve your concentration and performance at work!

Watch this space for simple stretches you can do at your desk.

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