Before we kick off into injury specific training, here are some general things to start thinking about as the winter sports season approaches.  It may feel like ages away, but you need a minimum of 6 weeks to get the benefit of preseason training, so start thinking about it today!

General Fitness tips:

  • A preseason program should last at least 6 weeks. Endurance fitness requires at least 6 weeks of training to achieve and an appropriate level of fitness. It is important to understand this time frame and to start your training at least 6 weeks before the season begins as rushing or shortening your preseason will increase your risk of injury.
  • Building training intensity gradually – rest and recovery is also important. Jumping into 5 days a week of training is not giving your body enough time to recover.
  • Preseason is also the perfect time to target your areas which are prone to injury. For example if ankle injuries are common, working on ankle stability may be something to add into every session leading up to the beginning of the season.