We often see a lot of preventable injuries around City2Surf and Blackmores Running Festival time, as many of us haven’t put in the preparation!

Here are our top tips for avoiding these niggles…

  1. Footwear – are your shoes showing signs of wear or are they supportive enough for running?  If your shoes are worn out you are at a higher risk of foot and ankle injuries, knee and back pain. Remember looks can be deceiving so if you are unsure get your shoes checked by your physio
  2. Start easy – Don’t expect to be able to run 10kms your first time. It is important to start short and slow, and then progressively increase the distance 1-2kms at a time. At a slow jog you should still be able to hold a conversation.
  3. REST! Your muscles need recovery time to allow them to adapt. This helps ensure you don’t become overworked and helps prevent injury. It is a good idea to have a rest day scheduled after a run day. 
  4. Don’t forget about those hills! – Start by jogging 100m to 150m hills and walking or jogging back down
  5. Join a running group – This is invaluable for motivation and accountability in your training.
  6. Cross training – different forms of cardiovascular exercise (such as an exercise bike) is a great way to increase fitness whilst reducing stress on your body from running. 
  7. Strength – Running is no purely endurance; you need strength to ensure good form and to avoid injury.
  8. Fuel your body –A healthy, balanced diet will allow you to have adequate energy for your training. Dehydration will decrease energy and efficiency. In preparation for race day, it is important to increase your carbohydrate, electrolyte and water intake to improve energy levels and hydration. 
  9. Taper off – In the week before your race shorten the distance of your runs. This will allow your body to recover and be in its best condition before the run. ​
  10. If you are feeling pain during or directly after your run, do not wait to get it checked out – book an appointment with your Physio!