There is lots of conflicting information about whether it is or isn’t okay to exercise during pregnancy, which can be very confusing for a mum-to-be, particularly when they are trying to do the right thing for both themselves and their baby.

Four Facts to Put Your Mind at Ease


  1. 30 minutes or more of moderate intensity exercise on most (or even all) days for all pregnant women in the absence of medical or obstetric complications is safe. When exercising at a moderate intensity, you should still be able to comfortably chat without feeling out of breath.
  2. Exercise for pregnant women who were previously sedentary can be safe and beneficial.
  3. Even those suffering from medical or obstetric conditions may still be safe to exercise but will need to be reviewed by their GP first.
  4. Exercise during pregnancy can reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes, and help treat it.

Moderate intensity exercise may include:

  • Brisk walking
  • Slow cycling
  • Water aerobics
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Pilates

Benefits of Prenatal Pilates



– Stronger stomach and glute muscles
-Decreased risk of developing lower back or pelvic pain
– Stronger pelvic floor muscles
– Improved balance
– Weight maintenance
– Stronger legs
– Relaxation
– Can help speed up recovery post-partum


If you are interested in Pilates, or are experiencing pregnancy-related pain,  come visit your Physiotherapist!