When deciding on a pillow, most people choose based on comfort. However, the wrong pillow choice can lead to neck pain, back pain or headaches. If you wake up worse than when you went to sleep, chances are you’ve got the wrong pillow.

The type of pillow you need depends on your preferred sleeping position.


Side Sleepers – if you sleep on your side, you need a pillow that is relatively thick and firm. It will need to fill the gap between your neck and shoulder, so your spine is parallel to the bed. Too thick and your head will be tilted towards the ceiling; too thin and it will be tilted towards the bed.

Back Sleepers – if on your back is your preferred sleeping position, you will need a relatively thin pillow, so that when you’re lying down you are looking directly at the ceiling. Too thick and your head will be pushed forward, placing your neck in a poor position.

Front Sleepers – Don’t do it! We know it’s hard, but sleeping on your front is like having your head turned to the side for 8 hours straight!

Pillows do not last forever! The best pillows only last 2 years. It is important to replace your pillow regularly as they soften over time and become less supportive.

If you are having trouble with choosing a pillow, or are suffering from neck pain, back pain or headaches, book in for an appointment with your physiotherapist! ​​Picture