Why is my elbow so sore when I go to reach and hold things?!

What is it?

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury to the tendons and muscles from the outside of the elbow down the wrist. It’s caused by repetitive stress to the muscle and tendon tissue where it attaches to the elbow. It can be short term or last years!

Common causes:

  • Excessive gripping activities 
  • Incorrect technique in sports involving throwing or hitting e.g. Tennis
  • Poor typing technique 
  • Incorrect technique with gripping activities e.g. hammering, cooking, painting 


What can it feel like?

  • Pain around the outer side of the elbowPicture
  • Pain often comes on gradually
  • Outer elbow can be sensitive to touch
  • Pain with wrist movement, gripping or twisting activities
  • In early stages small actions such as turning keys or picking up a cup may hurt

What is actually happening to my tendon?


How can we help?

  • Accurate diagnosisPicture
  • In the very early stages relative rest can be enough to reduce any symptoms
  • Advice on pain management
  • Specific stretches and exercises
  • Advice on the use of a tennis brace
  • In severe cases your physio will also assess the need for referral for further treatment such as cortisone injections or surgical intervention

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