Your heel pain may be caused by PLANTAR FASCIITIS 

What is your plantar fascia?

  • The plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue originating from the bottom surface of the heel bone and extending along the bottom of the foot towards the toes.
  • It’s important as it provides support to the arch of your foot and assists in shock absorption, so load is evenly distributed as you move.

What happens when I get heel pain?

  • When your plantar fascia develops micro tears or becomes inflamed especially around your heel area. This is known as Plantar Fascitis.

How Does It Happen?

  • Usually an overuse condition rather than a single traumatic event.
  • Can be associated with impact and running sports, especially those that involve toe running (sprinting) or dancing.
  • It is also commonly diagnosed in individuals with poor foot biomechanics such as those with flat feet, weak foot muscles or those who wear un-supportive footwear.

What Does It Feel Like?

  • Pain comes on gradually and felt on the bottom area of the heelPicture
  • Pain is worse in the morning and is better with activity —> more severe forms may cause pain to be worse with activity
  • Tenderness along the heel bone and into the bottom of the foot
  • Stretching the bottom of your foot may be painful or tight

    Why Can Physio Help?
    Physiotherapy treatment will assist in:Picture

    • Muscle strengthening
    • Improve motor control and balance
    • Posture and gait correction
    • Muscle length and flexibility training
    • Relieving tight or overactive muscles
    • Strapping and/or bracing to take load off the fascia
    • Education and advice
    • Improvement in running and landing techniques
    • Orthotic prescription if necessaryPicturePicture

What you can expect
Following treatment symptom relief can be felt immediately, however depending on how different factors of the syndrome are addressed, most patients will recover within 3-6 weeks. As we firmly believe in not only acute treatment but also prevention and maintenance, we will delve into the multi-factorial causes of your heel pain and address these factors as appropriate.

If this sounds like what you have been experiencing, make an appointment today and let us help get you back on track!