At Sydney Physio Group, we believe in getting you back to your full potential as quickly as possible. Our highly skilled and passionate physios will work with you to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.

Our signature approach to physiotherapy places you at the centre of every treatment plan. Taking the time to understand you and your needs means we can provide you with the highest level of care, taking all the guesswork and uncertainty out of traditional treatment.

We are committed to providing you the best possible care in a friendly and fun environment, whilst striving to bring you the latest and most evidence based treatments. Our physio team has a vast range of experiences and training to help you in a range of expert areas such as back and neck pain, womens Health, pre/postnatal and pilates.


Our physio team has a vast range of experiences and training to help you in a range of expert areas such as back and neck pain, women Health, pre/postnatal and pilates.


BAppSci (Physiotherapy)


Special interest: Group exercise, sports injuries and dry needling.

Sarah has an extensive background in sport and exercise, and has combined this passion with her ‘hands on’ physio skills since graduating from Sydney University. Having played competitive netball and waterpolo, she has a great appreciation of the role of exercise based therapy in both the treatment and prevention of injury. Sarah has spent a number of years teaching group fitness classes in gyms around Sydney, from which she has developed a keen interest in Pilates-style core stability training. She incorporates this in the treatment of back and neck pain, and sport-specific rehabilitation. Sarah has also had extensive training in various dry needling methods such as trigger point needling, which can often be useful in the treatment of many musculoskeletal injuries.

Prior to establishing Waverton Physio, Sarah had a number of years experience in sports coverage, in particular as a physiotherapist for the NSW Paralympic Football Team.

She takes a pragmatic approach to treatment, understanding the demands of our modern lifestyle on our bodies – whether it be home, work or sport related, and she is keen to work with you to keep you as active as possible throughout the injury process.

Postgraduate Courses:

  • (AMTA) Muscle Energy Technique Level 1
  • (AMTA) Myo-fascial Release
  • Lyn Watson Shoulder Physio level 1
  • (GEMt) Trigger Point Needling
  • Integrated Dry Needling – Andrew Hutton
  • Women’s Health Training Associates Level 1


Alex has been treating locals for over ten years since graduating with a Masters from The University of Sydney. Starting his career as a sports scientist Alex quickly gained the background physiotherapy knowledge and expert experience to practice physiotherapy on elite level athletes.

Noticing that many of his patients were experiencing ongoing back and neck pain, Alex worked with leading physiotherapists and developed techniques and treatments specific to the daily lives of patients.

Whilst working in an industry heavily dominated by IT professionals with headaches and associated neck pain Alex was thrust into the forefront of dealing with such debilitating injuries. Alex has developed a comprehensive method to treat headaches that involves manual treatment, postural adjustment and exercise that fits with the individuals circumstances and needs.

​Alex incorporates Pilates into the treatment of back and neck pain. He takes a functional approach to treatment, getting you back to normal as quickly as possible.

BAppSci (ExSpSci), MPhty

Elizabeth Rigg

BSpEx Sci, MPhty

With an extensive sports history since a young age, Elizabeth developed an interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation. This lead her on to doing a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and then a Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney university.

Since then Elizabeth has developed years of experience working in private practice and treating many patients with various sporting and sedentary lifestyle injuries, particularly knee injuries and pain, and with a focus on exercise based rehabilitation to resolve these injuries as well as preventing future injury.

Ava grew up in Canada participating in any sport she could get her hands on. Her extensive sport and exercise background eventually lead her down to Australia where she completed her Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. She has also done additional training in clinical pilates rehabilitation through the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute, and women’s pelvic health through he Australian Physiotherapy Association .

She is a compassionate physiotherapist deeply interested in being a part of people’s injury recovery and management. Her areas of particular interest are:

  • Running related injuries
  • Chronic back pain
  • Women’s health: pelvic floor assessments, pre and post-natal conditions, return to sport, and incontinence management

Ava believes in using both hands on therapy and rehabilitation exercise to help patients manage their injuries and get back to what matters most to them. In addition, she believes in empowering patients with self management tools and education to better understand how their body functions and we cope with injuries.

When she’s not in the clinic, you’ll find Ava either out in the water or training up for her latest sporting goal.

Ava Loiskandl

BScKin, M.PT,

Brianna Henderson


Growing up on the coast, Brianna has an energetic and holistic approach to life. She understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and aims to have a positive impact on the community by empowering others to reach their goals and prioritise their physical wellbeing through an evidence-based approach to treatment.

Through education, manual therapy, pilates and progressive exercise rehabilitation she recognises that ongoing prevention and strengthening is just as important as managing pain and injury. The big goal is to get people back to doing the things they love, whether that is returning to sport or navigating everyday life.

Brianna has a special interest in treating:

· Running injuries and kinematics

· Ankle injuries

· Sporting injuries / Return to sport progressions

· Women’s Health

When not at work you’ll find Brianna along the NSW coastline exploring national parks, surfing, freediving, ocean swimming or chasing waterfalls.

Having grown up playing elite tennis and having coached for 5 years, she has a keen interest in sports injuries and getting people back to their best.

Zara’s special interests are:
•    Sporting injuries and rehabilitation
•.   Shoulder injuries
•.   Knee injuries

In her free time Zara enjoys going on walks, going to the beach and re-exploring Sydney.

Zara Nelson


Ashley Saba


Ashley completed her bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney. After graduating, Ashley worked for NSW health. She was based at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, one of the leading teaching hospitals in Australia. Through frequent rotations across multiple departments and hospitals, she developed skills and experience primarily in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Ashley has a very bubbly personality and is outgoing. She loves making heaps of jokes and having a laugh with her patients and colleagues. Outside of work, Ash is super active and spends most of her time completing various walks, hikes and boot camps. Quality time with family and friends is her main priority.

Her sporting background has made her particularly interested in exercise. She loves developing and running fun clinical Pilates classes. In her spare time, she enjoys filming exciting exercises videos and creating informative blogs for social media.

Ashley is passionate about the prevention of injuries as well as exercise-based rehabilitation to help you achieve your goals with physiotherapy

Brent has completed a Doctor of Physiotherapy from Macquarie University, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Management.

He has an extensive background in strength and conditioning, working within both sub-elite and professional sport. He has a keen interest in dealing with acute and chronic overuse sporting injuries.

Brent is an avid believer that manual (hands-on) therapy and exercise both have their place in the rehabilitation process and when used effectively compliment one another providing the best possible outcomes.

Brent has a diverse sporting background including; swimming, baseball, surfing, running, surf lifesaving, rugby league and union.

Brent Kelly

B.Sp Ex Mgmt, DPT

Jessica Kingsford

B.App.Sc PT

Jess completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in North Queensland. Since moving down she has had
experience treating a varied caseload including workplace and postural conditions and pregnancy/postnatal condition while working in the CBD. As well as post-op rehabilitation, sporting and adolescent injures on the North Shore.

Jess pairs hands-on techniques with clinical pilates training for functional results. Having a passion for further study, she uses a variety of treatment techniques including dry needling, trigger point release and muscle energy techniques to tailor treatment to each individual to ensure that all needs and goals are met.

Jess also has further experience in women’s health physiotherapy. Pelvic floor assessments, incontinence, pregnancy and post-natal conditions, prolapse related discomfort and mastitis are all areas she is able to assist with.

Jess takes a holistic approach to treatment aiming to rehabilitate injuries as fast as possible and prevent future reinjury.

After moving down from Townsville 5 years ago, Jess enjoys exploring Sydney and regional NSW as well as bush walking and snowboarding whenever possible.

Scott’s passion for Physiotherapy began while he was working as a CrossFit trainer, teaching members safe and functional movements, and promoting an active lifestyle. In order to pursue his passion, Scott left North Queensland and made his way to Sydney, where he completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the Western Sydney University.

Scott’s studies taught him how he could use his skills for coaching safe and functional movement and combine them with hands-on treatment techniques to help others back from injury, and return to doing the things they love.

He continues to promote an active lifestyle, and in his personal life, Scott can be found in the CrossFit gym, hiking around Sydney’s national parks and volunteering with the State Emergency Service.

Scott Lyon


Sam Barnes

B.Ex & SpSci, M.Phty

Sam completed his Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. After suffering multiple sporting injuries at a young age, Sam understands the importance of proper rehabilitation. He understands what you are going through and brings passion and a positive mindset to his treatments. By combining effective manual therapy and specific exercise prescription Sam enjoys pushing his clients to become a better version of themselves.

He loves treating:
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • He is also certified in Dry Needling
Sam has a background in swim teaching and competing in high level sport, allowing him to devise a treatment plan that incorporates effective exercise rehabilitation. Outside of work you can find Sam at the gym doing Olympics Weightlifting, swimming or playing basketball!