Real Time Ultra Sound (RTUS)

Using our state of the art ultra sound machine, you can now see HOW your muscles are contracting in REAL TIME! What does this mean for you? No more ‘bracing your abs’ and hoping you’re using the right muscles. We can now train your deep core muscles correctly; matching up precisely what you think you feel and what is actually happening right then and there.

This means we can help treat your pain or recover after birth FASTER. No more wasting time with ineffective core exercises.

During your consultation, one of our specifically trained physios will use RTUS to watch the different layers of muscles contract and relax, making sure they contract at the right time and in the correct order. RTUS is particularly useful for the management of back pain, pelvic instability and postnatal mums looking to return to exercise. We recommend having a RTUS assessment before starting any of our pilates classes.

RTUS is available at Waverton Physio