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Clinical Strength Classes

SPG Freshwater offers Clinical Strength and Conditioning classes led by our team of experienced physios. These classes are individualised to you and programmed specifically to meet your goals, consider your movement history and are tailored to your abilities and injury history.

Our physio-led strength classes are specifically designed to:

  • Improve bone density (osteoporosis)
  • Aid in return to sport after injury (eg ACL pair, shoulder and back injuries)
  • Improve performance of your goals

If you are recovering from an injury, frustrated with your lack of progress, or not sure where to start with strength training, these classes are ideal for you. They can assist with:

  • Exercising safely with a pre-existing injury or chronic pain eg back pain
  • End stage rehab post injury eg ACL repairs, shoulder injuries
  • Reducing the risk of injury when returning to sport or exercise
  • Goal-specific training eg marathon preparation, hypertrophy
  • Improving bone density for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Workplace injuries
How do I start?2023-07-13T06:12:50+00:00

An initial assessment with your SPG Physio is required where we will discuss your specific goals, exercise history, and injuries to consider. After a movement and strength assessment, we will design a program specifically to you which you will complete at every class.  All our programs are designed to improve your goals over a 4-6 week program period using measurable outcomes.  After this assessment, you can attend any scheduled Clinical Strength class at SPG Freshwater

What if I’ve never done strength training before?2023-07-13T06:21:03+00:00

These classes are perfect for you! For some people, there’s nothing more intimidating than starting to lift weights and we completely understand.  Our physios are the ideal people to guide you through the process, so you can trust you’re in safe hands.

Class specifics2023-07-13T10:30:17+00:00

Our Clinical Strength classes are small – a maximum of 3 people in all classes, and individualised to you. Once you’ve attended your initial assessment, classes can be booked casually to suit your schedule.  We recommend attending 2x week to receive the most benefit. All Clinical Strength classes are run by a physiotherapist, so may be claimable from your health fund.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

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