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What to Expect?

Physiotherapy includes a vast range of treatment options, and we’re committed to finding the right one for you. At your initial consult, your physio will step you through our signature process to identify the goals and treatment outcomes YOU are looking for. Your injury will be assessed thoroughly to allow us to provide you an accurate diagnosis, from which we will step you through a personalised injury management plan. Your plan may involve a range of treatment options such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, dry needling and therapeutic taping.

Traditional treatment is often pain cantered only, leaving you with recurrent injuries and needing to spend more time and money down the track. At Waverton/ Greenwich Physio, we will always look beyond this at the WHOLE you, to identify the underlying cause of your injuries. Your physio may recommend a long term management plan including strengthening and flexibility exercises, postural assessment or other modalities such as dry needling to get you performing at your best.


Do I Need A Referral To See A Physio?2020-09-17T07:44:36+00:00

No you don’t- you can have a physio assess your injuries ASAP! If necessary, we will work closely with your GP and other specialists if further investigations such as xrays and MRI’s are required, but this will be discussed with you by your physio.
If you wish to claim through DVA, Medicare or WorkCover, a valid referral or WorkCover certificate from your GP is required.

What If I Have More Than One Area To Be Treated?2020-09-17T07:35:17+00:00

Please advise us at the time of booking if you have more than one area to be treated, as you will need to organise an extended consultation. Assessment and treatment of your injury is much more effective when the consultation time is focused on one area, rather than split between multiple sites. Don’t ‘save’ your injuries for next time you see your physio, get them treated TODAY!

Can I Claim From My Private Health Insurance?2020-09-17T07:34:52+00:00

Physiotherapy is covered under the ‘extras’ schedule of your policy. If you wish to know exactly how much your gap will be, we recommend you contact your health fund directly. To claim on the spot through HICAPS, you must have your private health card with you. If not, full payment will be required and a receipt will be issues for claiming at a later date.

What Should I Bring To My Session?2020-09-17T07:34:28+00:00

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you wish to claim through HICAPS, please bring your private health card. If you have already had any relevant scans, please provide a copy to your physio.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

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